Striving to make a difference

We help entrepreneurs utilize technology to enact positive, and global, change.

Why are we in business?

"The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads."
Jeffrey Hammerbacher

We'd prefer to see the best minds of our generation build projects that matter, projects that transform, improve, and save lives. Prebacked was founded on the belief that startup innovation mixed with enterprise distribution and capital could better the world. We aim to help entrepreneurs break into the hardest industries for tech - and we've started in healthcare.

Focus on revenue over funding

Don't get us wrong, funding - and specifically quality investors - can rocket a business to success. Today, however, 'funding' seems to have become a false panacea for building a startup. We like to work with companies and people who feel the pain, can choose a good solution when it's presented to them, and have the means and drive to find solutions. When a business solves a real need, everything else starts to fall into place.

Retargeting Silicon Valley

It's time for a movement in tech towards the difficult industries critical to our lives. While we started in Health, we're actively thinking about technology implementations into education, government, and empowering those in need. We're not a charity, however. We strongly believe that "profit" and "social good" can be synonymous.

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