Accelerating paid pilots from 2 years to 4 months.

Bridging the gap between startup innovation and corporate needs to accelerate startups.

Bridging startups and enterprise corporations

Focused on Paid Pilots with Enterprise

We don't purport to be able to "teach you success", marketing, or how to set up the legal structure of a startup. Instead, we accelerate product-market fit, sales cycles, and paid pilot contracts with enterprise companies. We do this by finding startups who could solve current corporate needs and create a program for both parties to thrive.

"What Prebacked is doing is at the pointy end of innovation."
Lisa Brubaker, SVP Gov't Services, Regence

Proven in Industry

"We've run programs with key players over the last year and have successfully secured 6 figure contracts for startups by tailoring them to the needs of our corporate partners.

  • Wellmark
  • Cambia Health Solutions
  • Regence

Accelerating 6-figure Contracts for Startups

Our partners are ready and willing to work from day 1 towards a paid pilot with their selected teams.

In 16 weeks your executive partner will take you from a letter of intent to a pilot contract, helping you navigate their organization and iterate on the technology and business model so they can be your first customer.

At the end of the program, if you've impressed your partner, a paid pilot is signed and money delivered. Two weeks later, we hold a demo day to help with investment.

Refine - 8 weeks

Refine your product with a senior executive to fit their business needs and goals.

Build - 8 weeks

Build a prototype and product integration road map. Prepare for demo day.

Integrate - Post Demo Day

Secure a contract and begin implementation of integration road map with your new client.

Simple Terms to Align us all

Sharing in the upside highly motivates Prebacked for your success

For pre-revenue teams (sub $100k revenue per year) we'll ask for 3% to 5% in common stock. If you've built a product and found traction, our ask is 1.5% to 3% as stock options.

We're entrepreneurs too, so we built in protection for you

We place all equity under a two year vesting plan, accelerated by your acquisition of a paid pilot. If we don't produce enough value, you can kindly ask us to stop vesting and move on. Sometimes it's nice to know someone's thinking of your best interests.

Getting Involved

Acceptances are predicated on solutions mapping, or being able to map, to our corporate partners' challenges. Be the first to know what we're looking for by filling out an application.