De-risked innovation, 50x ROI, tailored to your needs

Prebacked works with corporate executives to jointly select, mentor, and tailor a startup's product and business model to the corporation's business challenges. We focus startups from day one to find the core need and build a product to produce a 50x ROI through a proven engagement framework.

Tailoring innovation to bend the cost curve

Entrepreneurs drive massive ROI by solving for your challenges, not what they believe are your challenges.

We start our search for startups with a list of our corporate partners’ challenges based on their business objectives, ensuring corporate & startup alignment from day 0. During the program, teams work for 4 months to tailor their product to solve our partner's needs and maximize ROI while integrating into the partner's corporate workflow.

Our primary question:
“Can this startup's technology be tailored to solve one of our corporate partner’s challenges?”

Exponentially cut R&D time through entrepreneurial innovation

By carefully aligning stakeholders we've produced high quality innovation at dirt-cheap prices in only four months. For example: we helped tailor an Artificial Intelligence platform used in customer service to reduce diabetes incidents through pre-diabetic education and training, saving up to $50,000 per patient, per year. Deployed to 2000 members for a $175,000 out-the-door cost, the project has a 73x potential ROI over 3 years from just 8% adoption.

Partner benefits:

  • 50x ROI
  • Tailored innovation
  • Option for right of first refusal
  • Projects co-funded by Venture Capital

Startup benefits:

  • Refine product to market
  • You, as their first customer
  • Validation for venture capitalists
Engaging with teams at the accelerator.

"Prebacked is the coolest program I've seen to get Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley working together. Having a pilot contract signed with a Fortune 500 customer is a game changer for attracting the best early-stage VCs." Tim Connors, Founder and General Partner: Pivot North Capital

Cohorts have included brilliant and serial entrepreneurs

A list of previous cohort finalists

56 Teams
121 Engineers
76 Former founders
31 PhDs
20 Physicians
18 JDs
3 Professors
1 Forbes 30 under 30
Cognea team in final round of application day.

"If that team walked into my office with no ideas I’d still have funded them. They are that impressive."
Erik Straser, Venture Capitalist

Proven in industry

Join a growing list of companies looking to leverage entrepreneurial innovations.

  • Wellmark
  • Cambia Health Solutions
  • Regence

Don't take our word for it

"The Prebacked Program was one of the coolest things I've participated in during my career."
Lisa Brubaker, SVP Government Services: Regence BlueCross BlueShield

"I absolutely love the Prebacked concept. It gets me genuinely excited to see this in the world."
Mike Townsend, Serial entrepreneur, Founder: HomeHero

"The strength of Prebacked lays in its ability to connect and facilitate business between two worlds that desperately need each other, but have no ability to interact effectively on their own."
Michael Carney, Pando Daily

Limited availability, secure your seat

Prebacked only works with a few executive sponsors, twice a year.

Executives have final say in which startups they and Prebacked mentor over the course of the program. We also ensure that no two engaged corporations are direct competitors in their market.